Refer & Earn

Refer Your Friend

Invite your friend so that you and your friend both get Rs 300 on next purchase on Santosh Sir's Test Portal

Refer & Earn

How to Use Code

Share Code

Share referral code with your friends for signing up. They get Rs 300 to be used for purchase on test portal.

Use Code

Your friend uses code on any purchase on test portal.

You earn

Once your friend uses your code. You also get Rs 300 to be used on next purchase on test portal.


How many times can a person use referral code ?

Referal code can be used by any person only once after sign up. But same referal code can be used by multiple persons and the the persons whose referal code is used gets benefitted.

Where do I use referal code ?

Referal Code will be used during purchase of any test package of worth greater than Rs 300. You will find an option to enter the referal code.

Is Referal code transferable ? Can it be used for any purchase outside of test portal ?

No it has to be only used in Santosh Sir's Test Portal only. It will not work outside of it. 😕

Can money from referal code be encashed ?

No inter-conversion of money from referal code into some other currency is not possible. 😜

Is referal code similar to an online voucher ?

Yes you can say that its kind of similar thing.

Is use of referal code mandatory ?

No you have an option of not using it also. But who on this earth don't wants to get discount 😁

What is the validity of referal code ?

It has no expiry date. It can be used anytime but only once. 😎